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Sigmund Freud by xtheznotecstasy Sigmund Freud :iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 0 0
Mature content
cipE paR selttaB fO yrotsiHiii :iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 3 3
On Venus, the Siren
Venus is the new Siren in town. She was found by Jackson and Albert, the two future leaders of the Kronos Corporation. They tapped into her Siren powers to create guns with a disturbingly deadly new element: Soul. [See Kronos Corp. age, soon to come]
At age 27, Venus escaped the torturous clutches of the Kronos Corp., and found herself on Pandora. Upon meeting a few bandits, she discovered her Siren power, the Phaseout. When phasing out, she blinks out of our dimension, and moves at incredible speeds, similar to Phasewalking. The big difference: She returns to our realm by tackling an enemy, and ripping out part of their soul. As she becomes stronger, she can modify this ability in multiple ways. She can have the targeted enemies corpse burst into various elements, damaging nearby enemies. She could also have the target switch sides, and fight with her. Or perhaps she'd rather take the enemies soul and add it to her own, regenerating a proportional amount of health instantly...
:iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 1 0
On Dante, the Militant [Borderlands OC]
Like Axton, Dante was once a soldier in the Dahl military. He was stationed on Themis,and soon discovered that Dahl planned to murder most of the troops there, in order to prevent any   more deserters after Axton escaped. He filled an armory with explosives and detonated it in order for him and a few of his close allies to escape, but not after "relieving" the corporation of several dangerous weaponry. Among the armaments, he found a prototype weapon known as DRaGON: Dangerous Reconnaissance and Guerrilla Omniscient Node.
The DRaGON is a essentially a flying Scorpio turret. Dante can deploy the sentry, which will scout ahead, sending back video feed of the area back to him. The drone has 2 main modes: Recon and Combat. In Recon, the DRaGON flies high above the battlefield, surveying the terrain, notifying Dante of points of interest in the area.[At level 5, the DRaGON will only show Dante enemies on his mini-map, but can be leveled up to alert him of Badasses, loot chests, and a m
:iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 0 0
Mature content
Hostages (Borderlands FF) :iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 1 0
Yours Truly
I might fallout as I sink into oblivion
Left for dead in the borderlands under Hyperion
I need no halo on my head, I just answer the call of duty
Your high score is broken by yours truly
When I step in the arena, I'm a true contender
Racking up achievements, call me the last airbender
Banoi's full of demons, full of dead space
And the devil may cry as I clear the place
While the One and PS4 are locked in mortal combat,
I buy 'em both, rise early and show that I got a knack
At clearing the battlefield
With whatever weapon I wield
I'll never be overrun after I build a riot shield
And if I ever fall, I'll make sure my killer is dead
It' unreal how many bullets I can fit in his head
And when I've gone home, I walk the path of exile
It'll take 400 days to walk the last mile
Because I won't give up until the portal is shut
I'll grind 'til I hear that ding-
Level up!
I might fallout as I sink into oblivion
Left for dead in the borderlands under Hyperion
I need no halo on my head, I just answe
:iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 0 0
Mature content
ERB again :iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 3 0
Mature content
EPIC RAP BATTLES!!!! of history? :iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 3 3
Ooooooooh Kay and Jay are about to be slayed
All day and the Worms are too short to play
On this ride at any given time
So try to take us on and you're bound to get slimed
Yeah, we're a small business, not government endorsed
And we still do a better job, didn't see stop a Xenomorph
We'll solve all your problems, no matter how odd
Even though you'll find I am not a god.
If you want to overthrow us.
You should at least learn how to rhyme.
We've saved the planet at least twice.
AND we traveled back in time.
We are galaxy defenders.
I admit your song's a hoot.
But you're all so underpaid.
You can't even afford a suit.
We blew up a cockroach.
You destroyed Mr. Stay Puft.
You didn't need a sequel.
Face it. Just one was enough.
Sorry, guys. You've reached your stop.
And we're here to punch your ticket.
Just face it, you're all old news.
And you're
:iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 11 9
Smeag- I mean GOLLU- er... SMEAGLE
Dobby! Begin!
You cannot boss me around.
Because I'm now a free elf.
I don't need a one ring.
This sock is my only wealth.
I don't mean to maim.
Only seriously injure.
I died saving Harry Potter.
Hermione and the ginger.
You just died in a volcano.
But I'll cut you some slack.
I bet that's not the first time
you were burned in the crack.
The ring turns you invisible.
But I wield true power.
My face is adorable.
You look like President Eisenhower.
You? Cute? I've seen prettier Orcs!
We led the Hobbitses to the mountain,
You like to polish forks.
You're a nasty little creature,
wearing a dirty pillowcase.
You're not even a real Elf,
more like a scrawny Drawven disgrace!
In fact, are you sure you didn't come from the stars?
Because, to me, you kinda look like Jar Jar.
You're a loner, nobody likes you, and you have no friends.
Even Potter was relieved when you finally met your end
You tried to kil
:iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 12 1
Rick Grimes!!!!
So I hear you're the one that caused all these walkers
Creeping up on my peeps at night: call 'em stalkers
Theres no perkacolas in Atlanta
So you'll have to do with Fanta
And whatever Glenn bring home
He's like our Asian Santa
You're just a freak, borderline lack of sanity
I'll beat you like the Governer: shatter your vanity
I'd suggest running for cover
My only son killed his mother
I'm a badass and there's no other
No reviving you this time- bummer.
I don't need Jugg, naw I just need my revolver
I don't need my sexy hat either, I'm still a baller
Admit it: You just took a bigger beating than Rihanna
I'll bet Michonne will be pleased when a Pack-a-Punch her katana.
Ze Doctor-
You think you are ze leader?
Please, I'm the real star.
Have you seen me in action?
I'm simply wunderbar!
You defended a prison?
Try Kino Der Toten.
Or Der Riese, Shi No Numa, may
:iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 23 22
Corvo Attano!
Booker DeWitt!
I shouldn't have to tell you it isn't wise to mess with me
You're blood will make a bigger mess than the Loyalist Conspiracy
Bone charms or plasmids, it doesn't matter
I'll leave your neck slit and your blood splattered
I was left living in a prison cell
Now I leave everyone in fear of my living hell
At this I excel
I make the Weepers fearful and quelled
You cannot overcome me, don't even bother to try
Just be sure to make some noise before you die.
How you doin' there, metal face?
You used to be a bodyguard and you're now a disgrace.
Jessamine got killed and you lost your title.
You got put in prison and now you're in denial.
You're a plague on Dunwall, I'm the king of Columbia.
In one day I turned it into a dystopia.
Come at me Cor-Bro, you'll just shoot and miss.
And I'll burn your ass with my Devil's kiss.
Listen up, you little DeWitt
I've about had enough of this shit
I'd have assista
:iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 27 13
I'm a florentine nobleman from the house of Auditore.
But you, little Dovah, are just a fucked up mystery.
You're nothing but a myth, I'm in the history books.
You hardly ever see my face, but I still have better looks.
You can kill things with your voice, I kill them with my wits.
I hide my daggers up my sleeves cause nothing else fits.
You know what's funny 'bout that? That's what your momma said-a.
And even though she's a dragon she couldn't handle my bacchetta.
Heh, you call yourself an assassin?
I'm the head of the Dark Brotherhood.
Ripping my targets in half, like you only wish you could.
I'm thinking you should cover your face in a hood
I can see that herpes on your face aint looking good.
I should go ahead and warn not to mess with me
'Cuz the Elder Scrolls are books in which I've got your obituary
Altair is the real assassin, you're just a banker wannbe
You shouldn't worry about the
:iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 10 2
Mature content
The Terror of London :iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 0 0
The Monkey Bomb 's Song
Remember when you hit the box
and tried to get a gun
but then to your dismay
All you got was me?
You took me anyhow
and hit the box again
and tried to get something better but you failed
Please don't throw me away
Ooh, ooh
Please don't throw me away
Ah, ah
Ooh, ooh, ah, ah
Throw me across the room
to sing my song and then go boom
and then while I sacrifice my life while you run away and don't even say thanks
Please don't throw me away
Ooh Ah!
You thought I was a joke
And so you laughed, you laughed!
As you threw me anyway
and watched me just explode
You know its true, I saw it too
You laughed you laughed and laughed
and then you left without so much a thanks
Please don't throw me away
Ooh, ooh
Please don't throw me away
Ah, ah
Ooh, ooh, ah, ah
Throw me across the room
So you can run away while I preform all for you but you don't even stay and watch and hit the box and throw me again
Please don't throw me away
Ooh Ah!
I've saved you life and gave you time
And how d
:iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 4 0
my new icon.... i guesss by xtheznotecstasy my new icon.... i guesss :iconxtheznotecstasy:xtheznotecstasy 0 0

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SO. I just came home from a vacation, in which I had a dream. This dream was very interesting to me. Within this trip to the nether realm, I witnessed a not-so-distant future just after a rather large rebellion, led mostly by the youth. After this rebellion, the government repealed most laws relating to child abuse/ child labor, so that perhaps the next generation will not be so rebellious. Such laws, or lack thereof, allowed children to be beaten half to death by their drunken fathers, or forced to slave for their employers for next to no pay, etc. etc. But there are always rebels, right? They get shipped of to "reform schools". A more appropriate term would be prison camps. One such "school" would be Sunrise, a large facility located on Dawn Island, a small isle off the coast of California. Sunrise is a particularly effective reform school, and by that I mean it is very brutal in its practices. The headmistress (or warden, depending on who you ask) is a sadistic, sickly sweet bitch by the names of Mrs. Julia Hart. (Think Delores Umbrage with a set of barbed whips.) Enter Damion Foster. Damion is a 16 year old boy living in California. His mother died when he was two, mysteriously beaten to death. Her killer was never found. His father is a very angry man who often whips Damion over any little error his son makes. Damion attempts to run away from home. Running away is a very serious crime in this society. Once caught, he is shipped off to Sunrise. There, he meets an interesting cast of characters, including the sarcastic and haughty Taylor Richardson (imagine the girl that was the best actress in the theatre department in your high school and knew it.), the trouble making Toby Pintze (think Dennis the Menace that grew up in Harlem), and Gavin Micheals, who dares to not only be gay, but be proud of it. (Homosexuality is another serious crime in this society.) As mentioned earlier, Mrs. Hart has a very special set of whips for her wards. Her way of showing her dominance and power on Dawn Island is the weekly whippings that she has, delivering 3 strokes of barbed leather to each of the 900 adolescents under her control. There is an unspoken rule that each teen or child make some sort of cry with each whip, or Julia might give you more than your share for trying to ignore her power. Damion, after 16 years of abuse from his father, has a very high pain tolerance. [The first whipping of Damion is what my actual dream was of. The image of a furious woman  beating a boy who refused to cry out was such an interesting thought to me that I had to come up with a story for it. Please comment, give me some feedback on reactions or thoughts or ideas or whatever.]


Xavier Kazi
United States

I don't know.


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